Building for the Future!


Namaskar and our sincere thank you for your time!

Since its inception our organisation was purely to support our local communities but now we know that building a future for our next generation is equally important. In 2014 Federation envisaged we need a place of worship for our beloved Shree Limbach Mataji. Looking back our history and migration from our subcontinent we have left our mark with a purpose built Mataji Mandir and community centres in Africa. We know our fellow brothers and sisters in Africa use the buildings for their community events. Equally we need to establish same in this country and now we embark on a major fundraising to acquire a property in Leicester.

In the latter part of 2019 we found such a property with approved status for place of worship and the location within Belgrave area. Having surveyed the property it is estimated around £430,000.00 with substantial size to add our Limbach Mata Mandir.


Thank you to all donors who have helped us to raise over £100,000.00! We still need to raise over £330,000.00 to secure the property sale.


Your generous donations will be used for the building purchase.

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