Affiliated Sansthas

Shree Limbachia Gnati Federation (UK)


was established in 1984 with the help of three Limbachia communities, London, Leicester and Coventry. The Federation since then has steadily grown to 5 communities.


There is growing interest with some of our Valand brothers and sisters who are not members but do participate with some of the Federation events.


We would like to welcome all our Valand communities to join the Federation; to make it a strong and vibrant body; to encourage cultural, social and healthy environtment; to bring together our new generation with the spirit of friendship using the latest tools and techniques of social media and  internet platforms.

It is with great pleasure to inform Shree Gujarati Valand Gnati Mandal UK have joined Federation!

Shree Limbachia Gnati Mandal London Est. 1977

Joined Federation in 1984

Shree Limbachia Gnati Mandal Leicester Est. 1972

Joined Federation in 1984

Shree Limbachia Gnati Hittechhu Samaj Coventry Est. 1982

Joined Federation in 1984

Shree Limbachia Valand Gnati Birmingham Est. 1984

Joined Federation in 1985

Shree Limbachia Hittechhu Mandal Est. 1967

Joined Fedration in 2016

Shree Gujarati Valand Gnati Mandal UK

Joined Fedration in 2018

Shree Limbachia Sostar Samaj (UK)

Joined Fedration in 2018

Shree Nani Chhasath Limbachia Yuvak Mandal (UK)

Joined Fedration in 2018

Please contact us if you wish to join the Federation

President: Mr Mahendrabhai Nai; Vice President: Dr Tribhovanbhai Jotangia; Secretary: Mr Ashwinbhai Galoria;

Treasurer: Mr Harshadbhai Solanki; PRO: Mr Ramanbhai Barber