Federation Committees

1984 – The formation of a think-tank was created by then London, Leicester & Coventry communities, and was headed jointly by Mr Narbherambhai Jotangia (London), Mr Nathubhai Maru (Leicester) & Mr Narshibhai Jagatia (Coventry).


On 20 February 1984 a first summit conference of the above 3 communities was held to hammer out the policies and name of the organisation.

On 16 September 1984 Shree Limbachia Gnati Federation (UK) was officially established. Trustees from each affiliated towns were elected at each of the following elections. For running of the executive committee, it was decided that following posts were needed: President (P), Vice President (VP), Secretary (S), Treasurer (T), Public Relation Officer (PRO) and the rest to be Trustees.

From left: Mr Jethabhai Chudasama, Dr Tribhovanbhai Jotangia, Mr Amratlal Bhatti, Mr Dhanvadanbhai Vaydia, Mr Narshibhai Jagatia, Mr Rameshbhai Jotangia, Mr Nathubhai Maru, Mr Tulsibhai Rathod, Mr Ranchhodbhai Vaja (sitting), Mr Narbherambhai Jotangia, Mr Rameshbhai Surani, Mr Jivanbhai Vaja & Mr Kantibhai Gohil.

First Executive committee election of the Federation was held in London in 1984. During the election Mr Kantibhai Gohil from Leicester was elected as first Secretary of the Federation. However, due to his ill health Mr Kantibhai Gohil stepped down and Mr Amratlal Bhatti from Coventry took over the role of the Federation Secretary.

From left standing Mr Amratlal Bhatti (S), &

Mr Rameshbhai Jotangia (T);

from left sitting, Mr Narbherambhai Jotangia (P) & 

Mr Nathubhai Maru (Chairman)

In 1985 Shree Limbachia Valand Gnati Birmingham was established and soon after they decided to join the Federation as an affiliated community.

In 1986 Federation held its 2nd elections and the role of first Public Relation Officer was decided.


The role of this committee was to formalise the Federation policies. On 2 October 1988 Federation published and adopted its constitution during the General Meeting.

Elected Executive Officers:

standing from centre right, Mr Chunibhai Hirani (PRO);

From left sitting, Mr Narbherambhai Jotangia & Mr Babubhai Ravrani (VP), Dr Tribhovanbhai Jotangia (P), Mr Bhikubhai Bakhtaria (S), Mr Jayantibhai Jagatia (T) & Mr Tulsibhai Kundalia

In 1998 Shree Limbachia Hittechhu Mandal UK joined the Federation.


In 2002 Shree Nani Chhasath Limbachia Yuvak Mandal UK based in Crawley joined the Federation.

However, in 2003 after election both Shree Limbachia Hittechhu Mandal UK and Shree Nani Chhasath Limbachia Yuvak Mandal UK decided to leave the Federation.

After some period of time Shree Limbachia Hittechhu Mandal UK (Lim-UK) has decided to join the Federation, making the Federation of 5 UK communities.