Shree Limbach Mataji's Jayanti

Shree Limbach Mataji Jayant is the celebration of when Ma Shree Limbach Bhavani Kuldevi of all Valands (Barbers as well as Hair Dressers) appeared to her devotees. This is also known as Shree Limbach Bhavani's birthday! According to the Hindu calendar, the birthday officially falls on 8th day of the full moon of the month Chaitra, which varies with the English calendar. The event varies from communities to communities but the main focus is in the celebration of Shree Limbach Bhavani's puja (havan where possible); those taking part in puja will also offer Sukhdi and perform Arti to Shree Limbach ma for her blessings. Click here for Shree Limbach Mataji's Stuti